Semblance is a postmodern riff on the genre of ‘platformers’ popularised famously by the Mario games. The work takes the fundamental assumption of a ‘platform’ in the genre and turns it on its head. What if platforms were part of the gameplay, part of the way a player solved problems? Can’t reach something? Just deform the ground up so you can jump from a higher point. Spikes in the way? Push the ground lower so you can pass by. Semblance presents a pastiche of classic platforming problems & puzzles that players must now overcome in lateral and fresh ways.


Game Category

Adventure Platformer Puzzle


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Mac PC – Not Steam PC – Steam Switch


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Since forming in 2016, Nyamakop has emerged as one of the most promising studios in African game development. Their debut game, Semblance, has been exhibited all over the world at large consumer shows such as E3, PAX East, Gamescom and EGX in addition to more than a dozen intimate arts festivals such as Slamdance Film Festival, South by South West (SXSW), A MAZE and Out of Index. Rolling Stone labelled Semblance “addictive”, while The Guardian affectionately ascribes it as “cute”.