Rising Hell


Tahoe Games / Toge Productions


Hellbreaker is a vertical platformer roguelike game about a man that is trying to escape from the depth of hell.Chain combos, upgrade your skills, and jump all the way to pass the purgatory and achieve freedom in this heavy metal pixelated intense adventure.Hellbreaker is being developed by Tahoe Games, a 3-man indie team in Kediri, Indonesia. The team collaborated with Toge Productions, also an Indonesian based studio, to help publish the game.- Action platformer with pseudo hack-n-slash/beat-em-up combat system- Unleash your power and destroy devil minions and hell beasts- Perform “Hellbreak” maneuver to destroy enemies and rack up Hellbreak Combos- Procedurally generated levels and enemies- Acquire Artifacts and Talents to improve your abilities- Unlock new Talents options as you progress


Game Category

Action-adventure Platformer Roguelike


Game Platform

Android iOS – iPhone PC – Steam




Tahoe Games / Toge Productions