Eatvolve is an evolutionary eat-em-up, elevating a lowly worm to the ultimate hybrid organism by gobbling up other critters – and stealing their unique abilities! Freely explore a colourful world of adorable, edible animals and combine their powers to find new ways to get around, powerful attacks, and more. Be careful, though: only one species can be the pinnacle of evolution, and competition is fierce!


Game Category

Action-adventure Platformer Puzzle Roguelike


Game Platform

iOS – iPad iOS – iPhone Mac PC – Not Steam


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Papadar is the handle of Australian indie-dev Aladar Apponyi.
Aladar has a long history of work as a 3D artist in both games and advertising.
After the collapse of an independent project with a partner from Team Bondi, He decided it was time to learn programming ( and pixel art! )
Eatvolve was originally intended as a simple first project to develop these skills. It has evolved into its current form with the encouraging feedback of the Melbourne dev scene, and Aladar’s improving abilities.