Dome-King Cabbage


Cobysoft Co.


Dome-King Cabbage is a visual novel about a cloud-person named Mush nervously making their way to a job interview. Mush has to grapple with their ability to perceive the world through the lens of a monster-collecting RPG. This is the first chapter in an episodic interactive-fiction series. Originally created for TyranoBuilder’s Spring Game Jam, Dome-King Cabbage won the competition’s gold prize, awarding it $500 and first-place among 50 entrants. The entire work is a mostly solo effort by Joe Buchholz.


Game Category

Interactive Fiction RPG


Game Platform

Android iOS – iPad iOS – iPhone Mac PC – Steam




Cobysoft Co.


Cobysoft Co. is a collective of artists, trash-monsters, philosophers, demigods and digital apparitions that are just trying to improve themselves and the world. They work in secret. The collective was founded by Joe Buchholz and lil’ lumps of clay that became animated after being struck by lightning. A significant portion of profit from Cobysoftware is donated to charities and artists we believe in.