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BATTLLOON is a maximum of 4 player Local Multiplayer game where you become a Balloon and fight other players.

The Rules are very Simple! You have to hit your Enemy (most likely your friend ) into the spike to Win!

You either beat your friend or live long enough until the time limit runs out to get a coin. The Player with the majority of coins Wins!

Just with a Stick and 1 Button even newcomers can enjoy this simplistic game thanks to our own point system. Even if you have been beaten with the “Ghost” system you can get your revenge. You can enjoy the deep battles with these systems.

・2-4 player Local Multiplayer.
・Simple but Deep and engaging battles.
・6 different types of fun playable characters.
・Retro-like pixel art and 8bit sounds.


ルールはとても簡単! 敵となるプレイヤー(おそらくあなたの友達でしょう)にぶつかって、トゲに当てれば勝ち!プレイヤーをたおすか、最後までやられずに生き残ればコインをゲット!たくさんコインを獲得できたプレイヤーが優勝です!




Game Category

Fighting Local Multiplayer


Game Platform

Mac PC – Steam Switch




noname studio


noname studio is an indie game dev team founded in 2017, based in Tokyo Japan.

noname studioは2017年、日本工学院専門学校の学生によって設立されました。